Dita TURF ULTIMATE Turf Shoes for Playing Field Hockey Outdoors

The Gold Medalists in Beijing Rave About These

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     The gold medalists in Beijing rave about the Dita TURF ULTIMATE. It is famous for its true runner profile and specialized features of turf shoes. These Dita turf shoes have a high-impact cushioning system. Outdoor players of field hockey experience comfort as well as excellent stability and support in these Dita turf shoes. Players with normal width feet or narrow width feet will love the fit.  The upper is made of lightweight synthetics, is handsomely detailed, and is easy to clean. The midsole features an EVA moulded footbed with DRI-LEX fiber. Its waterwicking properties make the insole quick drying and very comfortable with total BREATHABILITY. These Dita turf shoes were designed for optimum stability and they feature the DSS, or Double Stability System. The Double Stability System will prevent your foot from overpronating and/or over supinating. The tread design provides superior traction and maneuverability on any surface, astro turf or grass. Outdoor players of field hockey who wear these turf shoes run and pivot with confidence. Browse through our variety of field hockey shoes and get your own turf shoes today.



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