Products is the place to buy your favorite field hockey sticks and turf shoes.  We have a field hockey stick especially for you, designed by Dita to meet your skill level and the position that you play.  Our field hockey equipment includes indoor and outdoor field hockey sticks. 

Field Hockey Sticks for Playing Field Hockey Outdoors

     The outdoor field hockey sticks are available in the Dita TERRA, the Dita GIGA G, and the Dita EXA series.  The Dita TERRA series is especially for highly skilled field hockey players.  The Dita GIGA G series is especially for newer players of field hockey who have entry level skills, and also for players who have intermediate level skills.  The Dita GIGA High School Range is especially designed in appropriate lengths for both high school level and junior high school level players.  The Dita EXA series is especially for players of field hockey at any skill level who would like to improve their skills.

Field Hockey Sticks for Playing Field Hockey Indoors

     The indoor field hockey sticks that we offer are available in Dita TERRA and Dita GIGA models.  The Dita TERRA indoor model is especially for players with elite skills, but there is a Dita GIGA indoor model for every level of skill.
     Our field hockey equipment also includes turf shoes designed by Dita that have superior grip and turning ability.  They are the #1 shoe for international field hockey.  These turf shoes provide stability for lateral movement and good shock absorption.  These turf shoes will decrease potential stress to the lower body and potential problems with achilles tendons and ankles.


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