About Us
     We discovered Dita, and we want to share our discovery with you. We are positively sure that field hockey sticks and turf shoes by Dita are the highest quality. Teun de Nooijer is a very famous player of field hockey who has won several Olympic medals and World Cup Championships. He was the FIH Player of the Year two times. Of all the field hockey sticks in the world, he chooses Dita, as he grew up playing with Dita. You do not have to be a field hockey star to choose Dita. If you want to be a champion, then choose Dita. Let Dita become your number one choice of field hockey sticks and turf shoes.
     Ultimate Field Hockey is an online field hockey shop that was created because we want you to have more time to play field hockey. Your time is valuable. Many sports enthusiasts waste lots of time shopping for the equipment they need to play. First, they must select a sporting goods store. Sometimes the sporting goods store is huge, and you have to walk a mile in order to get to the field hockey department. Once in the field hockey department, it becomes a chore to sift through the apparel, books, and accessories before you finally arrive at the field hockey sticks and turf shoes. Then, all of the brands of field hockey sticks and turf shoes become overwhelming. What length of field hockey stick should you choose? What size turf shoes do you wear?
     Ultimate Field Hockey has made the selection process easy for you. We offer only one brand of field hockey sticks and turf shoes, because we believe that Dita is far superior to any other brand. We provide our customers with more personal attention than the sales personnel in any sporting goods store. If you have a question, we will go out of our way to answer it. Our goal is to help you select the perfect field hockey stick. We provide you with all the information that you will need to select the proper length of field hockey stick and the proper size turf shoes. We realize that not every field hockey player has elite skills, that many of you are just beginning. We aim to please all field hockey players, regardless of their level of skill. We aim to make the selection of the perfect field hockey stick and the perfect turf shoes an easy one, regardless of your level of skill.


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