The Dita GIGA Field Hockey Sticks for Playing Field Hockey Indoors

Indoor Field Hockey Sticks for Forward and Midfield Positions

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 Intermediate Level Skill

     If you are interested in playing field hockey indoors, then you will find the perfect field hockey stick from Dita field hockey equipment. Serious indoor players of field hockey choose Dita field hockey items. Teun de Nooijer, the biggest star of indoor field hockey, has won several Olympic medals and World Cup Championships. Mr. de Nooijer chooses Dita. So get your own field hocky apparel today.
      The Dita GIGA G5.4 is a field hockey stick for field hockey players who have intermediate skills.  The Dita GIGA G5.4 field hockey stick is recommended for the forward position of field hockey and the midfield position of field hockey.

      One of the most important factors to consider in selecting the perfect field hockey stick is the power index. Our POWER INDEX RATING indicates the particular ranking of the field hockey sticks within all Dita models. Another important factor to consider is price. Within the Dita GIGA field hockey sticks for playing field hockey indoors, there are several prices from which to choose.
     Next determine the length of field hockey stick that is right for you. Visit the FAQ page where we offer advice. You may select from the lengths of field hockey sticks that are available in the model of your choice the one that is no more than two inches longer than the desired length. We are pleased to offer CUSTOM SHORTENING of your field hockey stick if you do decide.
     You may be guided by the following chart that is based upon height:

4’3” AND UNDER 31 Inches
4’3” – 4’6” 32 Inches
4’6” – 4’9” 33 Inches
4’9” – 5’0” 34 Inches
5’0” – 5’3” 35 Inches
5’3” – 5’7” 36 Inches
5’7” – 5’10” 37 Inches
5’10” AND UP 38 Inches

     Do consider the head shape and color in the selection of your favorite dita field hockey sticks. The colors are blue, black, red, and white. If you have a favorite head shape or color, you may select the model of field hockey stick with that head shape or color.
     Lastly, we include information about the bending and weight of each model of field hockey stick that we offer. The Dita GIGA field hockey sticks that we offer for playing field hockey indoors are composites and have a light weight of 19 ounces (1.1875 pounds).
     Play the best field hockey of your life with one of Dita GIGA field hockey sticks for playing field hockey indoors.



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